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You have probably seen alot of posing props for figures such as train compartment, houses, and even toilets! Video gamers have dreamt for the day that their figures can play the retro style arcade games for so long, and finally that day is soon to come. Our favorite figurines can now pose to the 1/12th scale Astro City Arcade Game Machine!

Toy manufacturer Wave have previously released a few props into their Memorial Game Collection series, but this is the first time they included one of the old retro models of the arcade machines. If you have a few of these Astro City machines, you can even park them together to create a line just like you would see at a game arcade! It comes with three sets of screen card and plates from SEGA titles such as Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, and Die Hard Arcade.

The figmas from Virtua Fighter displayed in the picture are sold separately.

1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit
Height: approx. 150mm
Snap fit type plastic model kit that does not require glue.
Features Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, and Die Hard Arcade
Limited availability

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