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Kadokawa Games and Dingo have announced two new love simulators for the PlayStation Vita produced by Ichiro Sugiyama (Photo Kano): Reco Love: Blue Ocean & Reco Love: Gold Beach. Both versions of the new game share the same characters and setting, but the story developments and events with heroines will differ.

Although all the characters appear in both games, between Blue Ocean and Gold Beach, almost everything is different, from the story to the free event scenarios and “Reco Session” poses. Both games are fully voiced, and between them both there are a total of 40,000+ voice files!

The player-controlled protagonist of the Reco Love is a second-year high school student who attends Mitsumi Academy, a school that consists of every grade from elementary to high school. While attending a two month long summer vacation at “Mitsumi Camp,” he will develop relationships with the various heroines, ultimately resulting in the goal of confessing his love at the Mitsumi Festival on the final day of camp.

In addition to the photography theme found in the likes of Photo Kano, the title will also be expanding towards an overall “video” theme for the love simulator. Through the title’s newly developed “Reco Session” feature, players will be able to shoot a short video of the girls. Reco Love makes use the PS Vita’s motion sensors, treating the handheld like it’s a digital video camera itself.

The videos players record can not only be stored within the game’s albums, but they can also be converted and saved as MP4 files for easy sharing. Since a single video can be recorded for 30 seconds, it seems the design is to promote sharing on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, or Niconico.

For more information:
Reco Love Blue Ocean for PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)
Reco Love Gold Beach for PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)

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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth 20

For those who’ve been waiting for their copy of the Asia Physical English Version of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, we know there’s been a slight delay, but WAIT NO MORE! We’re getting our shipment in and will be processing the pre-orders ASAP!

Again, we must apologize for the inconvenience – this was due to an existing delay from the publisher but this has been immediately rectified; look forward to your copy shipping out before the end of the weekend!

For those who’ve yet to get their copy, make sure to do so now, as we’re super excited to be playing this at the same time as those who’ve pre-ordered 😀

And for the real digifans out there, even better news! We’ve been able to finally get our hands on more of the Digimon Adventure Tri Complete Selection Animation Digivice [Premium Bandai Limited Exclusive]! This item was one of our rarest ones yet, especially since it sold out on day one of our original announcement:
We’re really excited to let everyone know that we have these wonderful devices in-stock!

In celebration of Digimon’s 15th Anniversary, Bandai Namco’s exclusive Premium line has just released these extremely limited Digivices from the Digimon Adventure series packed with functions unheard of compared to previous releases and even other toys as well!

Part of the Complete Selection Animation line, a new line that brings items from Japanese animations and blurs the line between fantasy and reality, this Digivice brings fans even closer to the world of Digimon; not only does this replica play quotes from the series and music, it also includes multi-color LEDS effectively recreating the colors that match each partner Digimon!

With a press of a button, included are phrases from all eight partner Digimon, a means to play BGM versions of the main theme song Butter-Fly or even the famous evolution song Brave Heart – advanced LEDs will also blink in time with the music. A small yet powerful detail, the phrases can be played over the music without interruption as well! You can even initiate and recreate the transformations for each and every partner Digimon where the corresponding color will match each character!

If you’re a Digimon fan, this is the item you’ve really been waiting for – the fact that the Complete Selection Animation line has made it a reality is a boon for those who grew up with this digital monster saga. It bears stating that once these are out of stock, there will never be another reprint, so make sure to get yours today!

If you want to see a comprehensive review, check out Actar’s Youtube Video! It really goes in depth, and all from a real fan’s perspective!

We have to mention that we could only get these via the current market price, which unfortunately has risen quite a bit, but we’ve kept it as reasonable as possible, so we thank you in advance for your understanding, especially if you’re interested in one of these amazing replicas. Again, these digivices are just as rare as the first time we had them, so please, act as soon as you can!

For more information:
Digimon Adventure tri Complete Selection Animation Digivice
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (English) for PlayStation Vita
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (English) for PlayStation 4

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Originally released recently in Japan by Compile Heart as Makai Shin Trillion, this new PSVita title gets localized! Trillion God of Destruction is a grid based SRPG with real time elements mixed in, and has players train and level up seven different female Demon Lords (each representing a different Deadly Sin) in order to defend against the advancing antagonist, Trillion!

The entire game focuses on your fight against Trillion, who an appropriately massive health pool of 1,000,000,000,000. Gameplay is split into two sections, the first being the “Slumber” stage which allows players to proactively level and advance their Demon Lords in preparation for the “Advancing” stage where players will be expected to take on Trillion!

Trillion’s goal, and yours to defend, is to cross the player’s defensive line. This will inevitably happen but each skirmish is another opportunity to wear down the HP bar as much as possible.

Trillion might sound like enough of an opponent on his own but he will also be summoning minions to cause players trouble during the fight. The reported types are the following:

Rushdown: High attack power and will actively cause havoc
Long Distance: Keeps a safe distance from players while attacking from afar
Support: A defensive unit that tries to support and heal the other minions
Iron Wall: The defenders, can be found hovering around Trillion protecting him
Your defense is not without answers though, as your Demon Lords are accompanied in battle by Booster Demons. Players are unable to directly control the Booster Demons but their ‘CAP’ can be upgraded too, allowing more of them to join as time goes on.

Players also have multiple facilities available where they can train Demon Lords, upgrade their weapons, and buy and sell items to improve their party.

In the Blade Field gives players access to the dungeon where combat proceeds in a turn-based manner, but with a time limit imposed, meaning players must rush to defeat as many enemies as possible while exploring as much of the dungeon as they can! The Blacksmith allows standard weapon upgrades as well as the addition of ‘Seals’ which add an effect to attacks. The Research Lab acts as an item and Booster Devil shop, where Faust is creating new items all the time to sell!

Death in Trillion: God Of Destruction can be difficult to deal with, but the ‘Dying Skills’ allows players to use an incredibly powerful ability when their Demon Lords are on the edge of death. However, this will finalize her death. Such abilities include permanently sealing off one of Trillion’s body parts and abilities or dealing massive amounts of damage at once.

For more information:
Trillion: God of Destruction for PlayStation Vita EUR
Trillion: God of Destruction for PlayStation Vita US

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Stranger Of Sword City

Stranger Of Sword City 15

If you’re a fan of this genre, then you might agree that Stranger of Sword City feels like every few months, we need a fix for some good ol’ dungeon crawling – there’s something about the pacing with these games that let’s us really immerse ourselves in a world often wrought with joining guilds, finding treasure, and pushing further into the unknown. Luckily for us, we’ve a developer publisher who understands this need, and continues to satiate our desire to really explore every single corner on the map.

Published by NIS America and Developed by Experience (of fan favorite Demon Gaze), a localized version for Stranger of Sword City will be releasing for the PS Vita both physically and digitally this coming April. Originally a title for the Xbox 360, and the Vita in Japan, this new version is based off the digital US Xbox One version that Experience is self publishing, which is out on March the 22nd; the Japanese version is already out, and here’s a great review for those who’d really like to know what they’re getting into.

For Vita players, this is a fantastic move, as dungeon crawlers, much like visual novels, make a perfect fit with the device, and this version, since it’s based off the Xbox One version, comes with the benefits of the former. As fantasy games often depend heavily on the art style, Stranger Of Sword City gives players the options to pick between the works of two amazing artists on the fly; choose from either the traditional fantasy style of Yoko Tsukamoto or the anime trappings of En Okishiji (oxijiyen) – regardless of who is picked, both styles are luscious like the world of this game.

Players will embark on a sudden journey into the land of Escario, the city of swords, as their plane crashes and mysteriously passes through a portal; quickly marked by the inhabitants as the Chosen One, a dark fantasy adventure begins as quests, booby trapped laden dungeons, and even alliances with the many pacts of Sword City hinder or help on the way back home. With amazing graphics, player customization choices, music, and advanced tactical battles, Stranger Of Sword City is something all DRPG fans should look out for!

The Limited Edition, exclusive to the US, is now available for pre-order; it features:
Stranger of Sword City Physical game
108-page Deluxe softcover Art book (8″ x 11″)
Poster (18.5″ x 26″)
2-Disc Soundtrack (Disc 1 – 19 tracks, Disc 2 – 18 tracks)
Collector’s box
With little to no news from Sony on whether or not we’ll see this title on PSN, getting a physical copy is your best bet if you’re looking forward to a wonderfully crafted gothic themed DRPG done by the masters!

For more information:
Stranger of Sword City for PlayStation Vita
Stranger of Sword City for PlayStation Vita EUR
Stranger of Sword City for Xbox One
Stranger of Sword City (Limited Edition) for PlayStation Vita

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Compile Heart, Dengeki Bunko, and Dengeki PlayStation have announced that they are all collaborating on a brand IP entitled Kangokuto Mary Skelter! The new “active dungeon RPG” title planned for the PS Vita is only the tip of the iceberg as a novel published by Dengeki Bunko is already planned along with Dengeki PlayStation’s promise to develop a serialized prequel.

Kangokuto Mary Skelter is set in a universe where 1999’s Japan is home to cities such as ‘Jail,’ a living prison that was birthed and then subsequently swallowed by the earth and buried 666 meters below ground. As a result of this cataclysmic event hostile monsters known a “Marchen” began to appear, threatening the safety of humans. Kangokuto Mary Skelter follows male protagonist ‘Jack’ and heroines several decades after this massive event as they aim to escape their prison-home. The girls’ unique reaction to the Marchen’s blood provides them with increased physical abilities that will allow them a chance at freedom.

The primary condition for players to escape is to grow the living Jail 666 meters, raising it from the depths below. The structure possess three great desires by which it grows: appetite, sexual desire, and the desire for sleep.

For more information:
Kangokutou Mary Skelter for PlayStation Vita
Kangokutou Mary Skelter Limited Edition for PlayStation Vita