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You have probably seen alot of posing props for figures such as train compartment, houses, and even toilets! Video gamers have dreamt for the day that their figures can play the retro style arcade games for so long, and finally that day is soon to come. Our favorite figurines can now pose to the 1/12th scale Astro City Arcade Game Machine!

Toy manufacturer Wave have previously released a few props into their Memorial Game Collection series, but this is the first time they included one of the old retro models of the arcade machines. If you have a few of these Astro City machines, you can even park them together to create a line just like you would see at a game arcade! It comes with three sets of screen card and plates from SEGA titles such as Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, and Die Hard Arcade.

The figmas from Virtua Fighter displayed in the picture are sold separately.

1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit
Height: approx. 150mm
Snap fit type plastic model kit that does not require glue.
Features Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, and Die Hard Arcade
Limited availability

For more information:
Memorial Game Collection 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit: Astro City Arcade Machine Sega Titles

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Dragon Quest Treasure Coin Collections

You’re rich in game but now it is time to start building your RL fortune today with this set of 12 unique Dragon Quest Treasure Coin from Square Enix! The full set includes 4 “gold” pieces and 8 “silver,” with each themed-coin made of zinc alloy and measuring in at 34cm across. Featuring detailed creatures and characters from the Dragon Quest series we suggest locking these away in your vault before another fan snatches them up!

12 different kinds
Material: Zinc Alloy
Body size: approx. 35mm each
This set contains 12 variants in a factory sealed container
Limited availability
Release Date Jun 25, 2016

For more information:
Dragon Quest Treasure Coin Collections (Set of 12 Pieces)

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From the original illustration by Takashi Takeuchi comes a 1/7th scale figure of Saber dressed in the Saber Pendragon dress. Made by the popular toy manufacturer Alter, Saber stands at 23cm tall and is scheduled to release in November 2016.

Saber (or should I say King Arthur) from TYPE-MOON’s Fate series is one of the most well known and beloved character of all time in Japanese anime. Filled with tremendous amount of power and emotions, she never fails to make fans worldwide admire over her strong character. However, she is not perfect. When she is corrupted by Angra Mainyu, she is very different than her usual self and is known as Saber Alter!

Alter made sure to preserve every detail of Saber Alter in her Stage 3 battle sprit in Fate/Grand Order. Although beautiful, her cold gaze looks as if she could make hell freeze over in a matter of seconds! The complex sculpting on her outfit itself proves how much work was put into remaking every layer in her dress into reality. When posed with her sword, you might as well start running away as it looks like it could seriously impact some heavy damage!

This figure is truly a collection piece for any Fate series fan. Take her into battle with you and you can be sure that even the strongest evils will not dare to your adventures!

For more information:
Fate/Grand Order 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Saber / Arturia Pendragon Alter Dress Ver.

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Iron Man Mark XLVI – Civil War Figure

Hot Toys never fail to disappoint when it comes to making extremely realistic looking action figures. Just when we thought it could not get any better, it definitely does! Releasing between Q2 and Q3 of 2017, the 1/6th scale Iron Man Mark XLVI from Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War will be flying its way around the world for fans to enjoy!

At first we just thought it was an Iron Man suit from the new Captain America movie by Hot Toys which by itself is already pretty awesome, but then we realized it has 28 light-up points throughout the armor! Of course, what good is an Iron Man action figure if it doesn’t come with a detailed likeness head sculpt of Tony Stark? The final prototype is not available yet available, however, we are absolutely certain it will look just like Robert Downey Jr to the dot!

The chest armor plates can even be detached to reveal the inner mechanical design of the Mark XLVI suit. We wouldn’t suggest you to try to temper with it though, you don’t want Iron Man to suddenly fail to light up for you! (In the case that does happens, you might need to send it back to Stark Industries for repair.) The set also include a specially designed debris diorama figure stand to fill more impact on the marvelous Iron Man action figure.

For those of you on Team Iron Man, the set even include a 1/6th scale Captain America helmet as a bonus for posing the Iron Man Mark XLVI victory for the team!

As expected with all Hot Toys collectibles, availability is extremely limited so be sure to reserve yours now!

For more information:
Captain America Civil War 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure: Iron Man Mark XLVI

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With epic movies always come epic merchandises, but how far can epicness go? Toy manufacturer High Fly Studio have teamed up with the famous realistic movie prop manufacturer King Arts to bring this astonishing 1/4th scale statue of Civil War Captain America with the power to charge your mobile phone!

Standing at 51cm, this piece is worthy enough to belong inside the Captain America Exhibit! From head to toe, every part, every detail, every touch of Captain America is carefully sculpted and painted by hand. Yes, you heard that right, each statue is completely hand made and will not ever be touched by machines! Due to this fact, each statue will differ slightly.

If that’s not overwhelming enough, the statue could also be used as a phone holder that charges your phone including but not limited to wireless charging. Here are the technical specifications:

‚ÄčAble to be Charging 3 smartphones at the same time
USB Port: 1
iPhone 8 Pin Charging: I5 or Above (Lightning connector)
Wireless Charging: S6 or Above

Signal: 5V / DC
Max Voltage: 5V +/- 0.25V
Max Current: 1A

1/4 Scale
Material: PU Resin
Height: approx. 510mm (including base)
iPhone 8 Pin Charging: I5 or Above (Lightning connector)
Wireless Charging: S6 or Above
USB Port: 1
3.5mm DJ Jack
Able to be Charging 3 smartphones at the same time
Wireless Charging Specification:
– Signal: 5V / DC
– Max Voltage: 5V +/- 0.25V
– Max Current: 1A
Limited availability

But with many great things, only words and pictures doesn’t provide enough justice. Thankfully, a YouTuber has uploaded a detailed 360 degree rotation video of the prototype of the Captain America statue for everyone to feast their eyes upon!

For more information:
Captain America Civil War 1/4 Wireless Power Charger Statue