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Dragon Quest Treasure Coin Collections

You’re rich in game but now it is time to start building your RL fortune today with this set of 12 unique Dragon Quest Treasure Coin from Square Enix! The full set includes 4 “gold” pieces and 8 “silver,” with each themed-coin made of zinc alloy and measuring in at 34cm across. Featuring detailed creatures and characters from the Dragon Quest series we suggest locking these away in your vault before another fan snatches them up!

12 different kinds
Material: Zinc Alloy
Body size: approx. 35mm each
This set contains 12 variants in a factory sealed container
Limited availability
Release Date Jun 25, 2016

For more information:
Dragon Quest Treasure Coin Collections (Set of 12 Pieces)

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From the new Disney movie that everyone of all ages are going crazy about, five characters in Zootopia will be featured in the new capsule toy made by toy manufacturer TakaraTomy!

The Zootopia desktop figure will feature Carrots Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde in a pose where they are grasping something in their hands, Flash the sloth that clings onto your cup, Finnick that is obviously stealing something from you, and Bellwether that can help you hold onto something! Judy and Nick features a base in which they can be connected!

They come in a capsule ball and is each randomly selected. Only the prototype is available at this time as the coloring has not yet been finalized, but we cannot wait to have these useful cute little fellas in our lives!

5 different kinds
Material: PVC
Height: approx. 30mm ~ 50mm each item
Item is randomly selected.
Limited availability

Judy Hopps
Nick Wilde

For more information:
Zootopia Desktop Figure (Random Single)

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Nanoblock Pokemon Monochrome Edition

2016 marks the 20th Anniversay of the Nanoblock Pokémon series and it is already obvious that it will be a year packed full of Pokémon games and merchandise, many of which will be invoking our inner child with a heavy dose of nostalgia!

The series has come a long way since the very first monochrome releases of Pokémon: Red, Blue (Green), & Yellow for the GameBoy, in which Nintendo managed to create one of the most beautiful and vibrant gaming worlds of all time, without the aid of color. Despite how far the series has come, and where it might go in the future, many of us will always associate the beautiful 8-bit sprites with our sense of childhood adventure they brought along with them!

Material: ABS
Size: approx. H47mm x W44mm x D56mm
Limited availability

For more information:
Nanoblock NBPM-014 Pokemon: Pikachu Monochrome
Nanoblock NBPM-015 Pokemon: Charmander Monochrome
Nanoblock NBPM-016 Pokemon: Bulbasaur Monochrome
Nanoblock NBPM-017 Pokemon: Squirtle Monochrome

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Shtola! You’re going to become a figure?! Make sure to tell Master Matoya about it!

The moment all Final Fantasy XIV such as ourselves have been waiting for is finally here! Taito announced the first volume of Final Fantasy XIV Deformed Figure to be released in August 2016!

Although there has been many plushes and other merchandises made for Final Fantasy XIV, this is actually the first time that any figure is made for the popular MMORPG! The figures announced for Volume 1 are the deformed / chibi version of Y’shtola, Alphinaud, and Ifrit.

There’s no final product picture yet, but judging from the shadowed prototype the figurines will definitely be adorable and very fitting when placed next to your monitor while you are in Eorzea. Taito does not ever fail to deliver quality to their merchandises either, so we’re absolutely certain that they will not disappoint at all!

Did you guys also notice that it mentions Volume 1? Every time Taito does this like they did with the Minion Mascots, it definitely means there will be more. Just like how Naoki Yoshida (director of the game) went to a shrine to pray for the success of Final Fantasy XIV, we are praying hard for Tataru and Papalymo! (Who doesn’t love lalafells?!)

But wait, that’s not all that they announced! Taito is also making the Mysidian Rabbit that everyone that plays NIN (Ninja class) love and hate at the same time. A moment of silence please for all those failed Mudras… ;_;

If you’re a big fan of Y’shtola, they are making a Y’shtola plush from DISSIDIA Final Fantasy! Square Enix previously included a Y’shtola keychain in the Final Fantasy Trading Rubber Straps Vol. 6 as well! All that Y’shitola love…!

Make sure to keep checking with us for these Final Fantasy XIV goodies because they just keep coming! For the time being, I’m signing off so I can go rub these goodies to everyone in my linkshells! (Can you tell we’re super big fans?!) Until next time, warriors of light!

For more information:
Final Fantasy Trading Rubber Strap Vol. 6 (Set of 6 pieces)
Dissidia Final Fantasy Plush: Y'shtola
Final Fantasy XIV Large Plush: Mysidian Rabbit
Final Fantasy XIV Deformed Figure Vol.1: Ifrit
Final Fantasy XIV Deformed Figure Vol.1: Y'shtola
Final Fantasy XIV Deformed Figure Vol.1: Alphinaud Leveilleur

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Scorching hot sun on Tatooine prompted the manufacturer, SEGA to manufacture something more useful to Rey, a Star Wars USB Mini Fan: BB-8. Due in July 2016, Rey will have to bear with the heat until then.

The decision to release in July 2016 which still in midst of summer for Star Wars’s fan in northern hemisphere may proof to be a good strategy by SEGA. For those in southern hemisphere, be prepared as summer will come around soon and you will want to put this cute droid to good use.

At 15cm high, the mini fan is very portable and if paired with a power bank, you can almost use it anywhere, even on your outdoor activities. Bring the Force with you wherever you go! Don’t let the heat of Tatooine be your demise, let the adorable BB-8 cool you down.

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