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With epic movies always come epic merchandises, but how far can epicness go? Toy manufacturer High Fly Studio have teamed up with the famous realistic movie prop manufacturer King Arts to bring this astonishing 1/4th scale statue of Civil War Captain America with the power to charge your mobile phone!

Standing at 51cm, this piece is worthy enough to belong inside the Captain America Exhibit! From head to toe, every part, every detail, every touch of Captain America is carefully sculpted and painted by hand. Yes, you heard that right, each statue is completely hand made and will not ever be touched by machines! Due to this fact, each statue will differ slightly.

If that’s not overwhelming enough, the statue could also be used as a phone holder that charges your phone including but not limited to wireless charging. Here are the technical specifications:

​Able to be Charging 3 smartphones at the same time
USB Port: 1
iPhone 8 Pin Charging: I5 or Above (Lightning connector)
Wireless Charging: S6 or Above

Signal: 5V / DC
Max Voltage: 5V +/- 0.25V
Max Current: 1A

1/4 Scale
Material: PU Resin
Height: approx. 510mm (including base)
iPhone 8 Pin Charging: I5 or Above (Lightning connector)
Wireless Charging: S6 or Above
USB Port: 1
3.5mm DJ Jack
Able to be Charging 3 smartphones at the same time
Wireless Charging Specification:
– Signal: 5V / DC
– Max Voltage: 5V +/- 0.25V
– Max Current: 1A
Limited availability

But with many great things, only words and pictures doesn’t provide enough justice. Thankfully, a YouTuber has uploaded a detailed 360 degree rotation video of the prototype of the Captain America statue for everyone to feast their eyes upon!

For more information:
Captain America Civil War 1/4 Wireless Power Charger Statue

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Good Smile has really stepped up their game with their signature Nendoroid Pandora – these popular chibi renditions of famous characters are becoming more and more advanced, especially when featuring the special functions of the characters!

Currently exploding in popularity, the anime series “Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn” has really taken over the hearts of many fans in Japan, especially with Clarion, the adorable battle cyborg with a really unique function. Capturing her normally cool expression with 2 alternate head parts, Clarion comes equipped with her combat knives and an effect part highlighting her special move – the Plasma Neko Punch!

What makes this Nendoroid extremely special though is the attention given to her Pandora Device – situated in a rather embarrassing spot, Clarion also has a matching facial expression which fits this pose perfectly. Even better is the fact that the perverted manifestation of BUER is included; the articulated middle leg (yes, that is a leg) allows for various “nuances” when posed with Clarion.

Take Clarion home and add her to your Nendoroid collection, but make sure never to touch her ears! NEVER!

“Everyone who touches these ears is going to hell.”

For more information:
Nendoroid No. 627 Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Clarion

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From the popular game series Shining comes a 1/7th scale pre-painted figure of Sonia Blanche from Shining Resonance!

Known as the Lightning Princess, Sonia has a personality of a tomboy and definitely knows her way around her sword. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Yuma, he have just accidentally walked in on Sonia as she is trying to pull her stockings on. That confused look on her face clearly gives away what will happen next. Yup, you guessed it – as swift as her ability to take action, she will be drawing her sword (not pictured) in a blank of an eye. Thankfully, this pose has been captured in place for us to adore in its full glory before we see a sword fly in the air!

Enjoy saving the Kingdom of Astoria while having the carefully crafted Lightning Princess by your side!

1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Figure
Material: ABS and PVC
Height: approx. 200mm
Sculptor: Tomo
Limited availability

For more information:
Shining Resonance 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Sonia Blanche

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In the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Fire Emblem series, Good Smile Company is releasing Nendoroid Marth, the prince of the Kingdom of Altea!

Marth from Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem ~Heroes of Light and Shadow~ includes an iron sword, a rapier, and the Exalted Falchion so you can have him wield whichever weapon you like! Of course, as with all of the Nendoroids, he’s fully articulated to allow for an endless amount of poses to be made. Marth also includes two face parts including his standard smile expression and a shouting expression! Oh, did we mention that he also comes with a slashing effect particle for his weapons which may or may not be possible to use with weapons from other Nendoroids as well?!

Don’t forget to collect him together with Nendoroid Shiida releasing in June 2016!

Non Scale Articulated Figure
Height: approx. 100mm
Material: PVC and ABS
Sculptor: JUN (E.V.)
Limited availability

For more information:
Nendoroid Marth: New Mystery of the Emblem Edition

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While Metal Gear Solid brought forth many memorable moments, one of them undoubtedly has to be the final encounter with Sniper Wolf. Across a snowy field, the deadly sniper faced off with Solid Snake in a tense long range battle – a battle of bullets and ideologies, beautifully presented with Hideo Kojima’s signature flair.

To honor this beloved character, Kotobukiya revisits Sniper Wolf with the help of master illustrator Shunya Yamashita in the newest entry to their Bishoujo “Pretty Girl” line – this 1/7th scale reimagining of the bittersweet character reveals a private moment of respite with undertones of her wild, untamed, and solitary persona.

Of course, Sniper Wolf would never be without her signature Heckler & Koch PSG1; she languidly holds the barrel with the sensitivity needed to deftly pull the trigger and looks straight ahead, eye contact leading her target’s gaze towards her equally revealing uniform. A nice touch is the addition of the wolf pup peeking out of the broken crate – those who know the lore can agree with Otacon that it’s easy to fall in love with such a woman, as beautiful as she is complex. Sigh~

For more information:
Metal Gear Solid Bishoujo 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Sniper Wolf