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From the original illustration by Takashi Takeuchi comes a 1/7th scale figure of Saber dressed in the Saber Pendragon dress. Made by the popular toy manufacturer Alter, Saber stands at 23cm tall and is scheduled to release in November 2016.

Saber (or should I say King Arthur) from TYPE-MOON’s Fate series is one of the most well known and beloved character of all time in Japanese anime. Filled with tremendous amount of power and emotions, she never fails to make fans worldwide admire over her strong character. However, she is not perfect. When she is corrupted by Angra Mainyu, she is very different than her usual self and is known as Saber Alter!

Alter made sure to preserve every detail of Saber Alter in her Stage 3 battle sprit in Fate/Grand Order. Although beautiful, her cold gaze looks as if she could make hell freeze over in a matter of seconds! The complex sculpting on her outfit itself proves how much work was put into remaking every layer in her dress into reality. When posed with her sword, you might as well start running away as it looks like it could seriously impact some heavy damage!

This figure is truly a collection piece for any Fate series fan. Take her into battle with you and you can be sure that even the strongest evils will not dare to your adventures!

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