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Amongst all the special editions for Capcom’s highly anticipated follow up to the fighting game of fighting games, the Japanese exclusive Street Fighter V is the most coveted, even if just based on our internal system ranking!

From one of the biggest video game franchises of all time since the creation of gaming consoles, Street Fighter V arises from the rest to be one of the greatest! Street Fighter V is the latest sequel to the phenomenal fighting game series where great martial artists with uniquely powerful combat styles around the world gathered together in a major fighting competition as they test their power against fighters, and strives to become the strongest fighter ever known.

From the aspirations, dedications and passions of players and fans, Street Fighter V will be the benchmark of the new era on the fighting series where fan involvement is the major key on creating a brand new masterpiece for this epic legacy. Street Fighter V will be built from fan suggestion and comments meaning desired improvements, balances, and roster of characters are almost from your requests!

For the first time ever, a will use cross-platform play to allow and PS4 players to engage one another in a match! An amazing roster of characters will be featured including Ryu, Chun-Li and even past favorites like Charlie that originally appeared in Street Fighter Alpha! Crush your enemies with deadlier attacks and finishing killer combo! To even heat up the action, the game will be powered by 4 to deliver players swifter movements and advanced character models. Street Fighter V will reignite the fervor of not just veteran street fighters but also newly captivated fans in a brand new era of this critically acclaimed fighting series!

Featuring “sexy” alternate costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li, and Cammy, the Hot Package combines all but the M.Bison retailer-specific pre-order incentive costumes in the West (Because M.Bison isn’t hot, unless you’re into the absolute corruption is hot which is cool). As well, this particular version features alternate box art by character designer Kiki, unique only for the Japanese market.

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